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Researchers Under the Scope

Mar 28, 2021

In Mozambique, the Xitswa phrase, "wa sati wa nhenha" means "strong women" or "women's strength".

Jessie Forsyth and Nazeem Muhajarine are two of the University of Saskatchewan researchers learning how to build on that strength in rural and remote communities. 

And they've done so during a pandemic.

In this episode, hear why Covid-19 did not stop the Mozambique-Canada Maternal Health project from opening several brand-new rural medical facilities this year. Nurses also managed to keep upgrading their skills with training in reproductive and obstetric services.

Alongside the bricks-and-mortar buildings, there's also more predictable income now for families in Inhambane province, thanks to micro-projects led by local women. 

"Mozambican policy ever since the liberation movement has been about promoting gender equality," said Jessie Forsyth, director of the Mozambique-Canada Maternal Health project.

"But it's difficult. Change is difficult," she said. "So much of what we do requires long-term vision."