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Researchers Under the Scope

Jan 31, 2021

Respiratory disease now accounts for one in four hospital admissions, with lung cancer killing more patients than any other cancer.

As both a respirologist and a health economist, Dr. Erika Penz knows Canadians spend a staggering amount of money treating lung diseases and cancer -- conditions that can be...

Jan 17, 2021

Whether it's a blog, a podcast, a wiki, a tweet, or an infographic, a growing number of doctors now turn online when they need answers.

For the past five years, Dr. Brent Thoma has led research supporting the use of free, open-access, and high-quality resources for medical education. 

“I think we’re really elevating...

Jan 3, 2021

Like the "slow food" movement, Dr. Alexandra King promotes "slow research" when it comes to Indigenous people's health and wellness.

As a First Nations physician, and the Cameco Chair in Indigenous Health and Wellness at the University of Saskatchewan, King wants Indigenous elders and people with lived experience to...