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Researchers Under the Scope

Dec 19, 2021

Dr. Erique Lukong grins, pointing to two bracelets on his wrist. One inscribed with the word 'focus'; the other 'believe'.

"I'm passionate about what I do,' he said, describing his journey through medicine as a series of lucky breaks.

In his home country of Cameroon, Lukong was identified early as a promising scholar....

Dec 5, 2021

Without a car, without childcare, without a grocery store, a pharmacy, or a place to get blood work done, how does a person with diabetes in rural Saskatchewan keep their disease in check?

Those are the questions Dr. Stu Skinner and his Wellness Wheel team members face each day, as they treat Cree and Saulteaux patients...

Nov 21, 2021

For senior citizens, fracturing a hip is more often than not a life-changing injury.

One in three of those patients will die within a year. The second will recover and return home. The third often needs to move to a long-term care facility, to cope with reduced mobility.  

Dr. Cathy Arnold makes it her mission to stop...

Nov 7, 2021

Dr. Marek Radomski says research pays off, in attracting dollars to post-secondary institutions, in creating healthier citizens, and in lowering health costs.

He's the vice-dean of research at the University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine, a member of Canada's U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities,

But in a...

Oct 10, 2021

Julia Boughner knows primates carry a deep-seated instinct to gather together.
An associate professor of anatomy with the College of Medicine, Boughner is a biologist who specializes in evolutionary development. 
On the last Tuesday of the month, she also hosts Café Scientifique Saskatoon. The gathering...